The Industry LeaderSince 2004

iStock_000019533160-01 cpu-tabletHurricane Frances in 2004 was the catalyst for more than large-loss restoration jobs. This was also when Clerk of the Works was first conceived and version 1 was developed. Since then, we’ve been blessed with providing our clients with the most widely-used T&M software in the industry together with personal, first-rate, unparalleled support.

Jobs totaling $1,000 to $50,000,000 have been easily managed by our customers using Clerk of the Works. On large loss restoration jobs, insurers are always impressed by the detail and timeliness of the reports. And post-completion job audits are a breeze with every detail at your fingertips.

Clerk of the Works was designed specifically for large loss restoration jobs where multiple companies provide resources. Allowing you to easily and accurately manage, track, and report each companies resources is just one feature that helps place Clerk of the Works in a class by itself.

Looking forward… every day CDN Design continues to develop new enhancements based on “Aha” moments and customers’ input. Programming only pauses briefly when you call and need assistance.