Clerk Of The Works®

Estimate, Enter, Document, and Invoice T&M Losses with Ease and Precision.

Clerk of the Works Time and Materials Software

From fast, accurate estimates through daily reports to final billing, Clerk of the Works ensures complete documentation of your T&M jobs.

Clerk of the Works®

uses standard price lists, employee lists, and customizable markups to make data entry simple and precise. Tracking and billing your job’s time and materials has never been easier with Clerk of the Works. There is also a great amount of flexibility allowing for exceptions when required. You won’t believe the speed, ease, and flexibility of your data entry tasks. With Clerk of the Works, you can be set up and printing detailed and accurate job reports in minutes.

Developed with continued input from large loss estimators, project managers, accountants, and insurance companies, the intuitive interface of our Clerk of the Works Time and Materials Software is designed to easily and efficiently record, track, report, and invoice job labor, supplied equipment, supplied materials, subcontractor charges, rental items, supplies, employee subsistence, job notes, and other job costs.

The progress reports are designed to meet the requirements of all parties involved including: insurers, agents, adjusters, the insured, subcontractors, and most importantly, your organization.

Easy, Flexible, Detailed, and Accurate, Clerk of the Works Time and Materials software helps you GET PAID QUICKLY.

Clerk of the Works time and material restoration software

Purchase your Clerk of the Works software license today and tomorrow you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.