NTE Estimator and Gross MarginProjection Tool

Do you need to submit a detailed Not To Exceed?  Using the NTE Estimator and Gross Margin Projection Tool you’ll create detailed, professional estimates with the ease and accuracy you expect from our software.  Labor requirements for all personnel can be estimated using square footage.   Additionally, equipment sizing for water losses is made easy by selecting just a few variables.  Other categories can be estimated using historical percentages or selecting individual items from the handy, built in worksheets.

But it doesn’t stop with your professional estimate.  Once created, you can easily adjust the details of your estimate based on desired gross margin or markup percentages – for the whole project or by individual category.  In a bid situation, these features give you the tools to quickly present a competitive estimate that ensures profitability.   Do you wish to adjust your estimate to a 5% higher gross margin?  Simply change the desired amount and COW automatically handles the rest.

What good is an estimate if you can’t measure your progress once the job begins?  COW matches your data entry by phase against each estimate created giving you a detailed, real-time picture of the progress.   Easily view your daily burn rate, estimated days to completion, and add change orders as necessary.

After evaluating a loss, you’ll be able to quickly and easily develop a NTE with accurate gross profit projections. This allows you to spend less time calculating the numbers and concentrate on developing the all-important scope of work. The result… You can present a timely estimate with accurate gross profit projections that are backed by a scope detailing both party’s responsibilities.

COW has everything you need to not only provide a number, but to create a accurate, competitive, professional estimate that will help you win more projects.