reportsAfter evaluating a loss, you can quickly and easily develop an estimate based on the size of the job and accurate gross profit projections. You’ll spend less time calculating the numbers allowing you to concentrate on developing the scope of work. The result… You’ll present a professional, competitive, timely, and accurate estimate.

Clerk of the Works allows you to provide an accurate reporting of yesterday’s events, the resources used, the current day’s requirements, as well as the daily burn rate for each day until the job is completed. Here are some examples of the detailed reports: Job SummaryLabor ChargesEquipment ChargesJob NotesEmployee Subsistence

Accurate, daily reporting on very large losses is often accomplished by using multiple clerks – each documenting a specific phase of the job. The master clerk collects the individual job files daily and merges them together allowing him to run all daily reports on the job as a whole or by any of the individual phases.

Clerk of the Works ease of use and unparalleled features make it a must for any company looking for a competitive edge in the Large-Loss, T&M Restoration market.